I just want to see you one more time

Your words are still whispering in my ears all the time
Your hands are still holding me in your arms in my daydreams

Why just can’t I see you
Even when you are here

I don’t know
I just want to see you one more time

I need to tell you

I love us and I want to keep on loving it
Why don’t you come back?

So I can merge your soul with mine
You can hear me

I know you can

You can’t lie to me

I can sense it

Even if you are beyond this universe
I want to kiss you again like I am kissing you for the first time
I don’t know

I just want to see you one more time


“She told me I would starve for love
Her words were like invisible arrows
cutting my soul like butter on knife 
She didn’t knew but she was starving 
just before I came into her life

she told me she will love me forever
I knew she was lying to her self 
she didn’t want to love me because 
it had nothing left; just pain and regrets

she told me I never loved her
I knew she was lying so that she can take the blame
Yet, she was right I never loved her
but I am going to love her from this day till last

she told me she wished if we had never met
as she didn’t want to fall in unconditional love
She praised me to destroy her
yet I had worship for her beautiful life

what is that which separates two souls 
From loving to taking care of each other

It was love that kept us together
and it was self-love that got us apart”