Will you love me again that is the only thing I need?


Will you love me again that is the only thing I need?


Will you be my side even if it’s dark?

I need your shine even if I am blind


Will you hear my voice in my silence?

I need your words even if I am deaf


Riding on faith of your love

Lonely yet not alone

Thirsty yet not dying

Helpless yet not hopeless


I have seen shine of love in your eyes

Just don’t let it fad away


I have hear your heart beats growing faster

Just don’t let it slow down


Will you love me again that is the only thing I need?


Waiting for me to come home

When I come back to home at mid night

Drowsy and exhausted

I sneak into your blanket

Holding you in arms

Whispering to you “I have missed you”

I still remember your sleepy smile

With whispering me back “ missed you so much”


We got melt with single touch

I can feel your soul

Drowning me in your love


You wake me up with kiss

With coffee in your hand

I can feel your happiness

Holding me close to you


You whisper me “lets take shower”

Kissing on my neck

I can feel your pleasure

Healing my wounds


I can feel love

Nobody else but just us


You know I need to go

I can feel pain in your eyes

Waiting for me even before go

Strengthening my heart


You whisper me “come soon”

I can feel your joy

Whispering you back “ I will be back soon”

Waiting for me to come home

You believe

You believe I don’t care
Except I do with my life

You believe I don’t want you
Except I need you

You believe I have many people
Except you are the one that matters

You believe I don’t love you
Except I am madly in love with you




You believe I didn’t wrote this for you
Excepts this was only for YOU