Wrong man at the right time!!!


It’s been long that I hadn’t seen her

I used to stalk her and dream about her

But I always knew. I am way out her league


It was my lucky day I can say

I got a text, which gave Goosebumps

It was just “HI” but it was from her

I had crush on her but never been able tell about it


We started conversation firstly it was formal

I didn’t know when I became so comfortable

I said her directly about my crush on her

She laughed and said, “Why didn’t you ever tell me?”


I told her. I never had guts to say it as well as

I was with someone else at that time


We talked much then about life and thinking and all

We planned to meet up and have coffee or something

I had great talking with her as well as she enjoyed the time

Soon I have started observing her


I realized or judged that she was in pain

Pain, which she would try to hide under her beautiful smile

I had been always great exploiter

I didn’t want to see her sadness


I thought I can take her out from that stress

I can teach her how to deflect such emotional wave

This is what I have did all my life

If I can’t destroy the problem I will simply repel it.


I always desired for her and I wanted to come close to her

But not without her will


Some point of time while I was planning these in my head

I marked she was looking into my eyes

Those eyes were melting me

Within next moment I was in another world


She has beautiful crystal shining eyes

Her figure is well curved like model have

Her hair is like beautiful cloud covering the sun

Her skin is like smooth like water


We were so close to each other

This is what I have ever wished for

I kissed her and we started making love

I can call it was golden era


She was out of her pain and hell

She has learned something at that time I don’t know what exactly

Which has given her strength to see things with another perspective

On the other side I was wondering what I had got from life

Something I wished for. It was like a kid getting box of candies from no where


I can’t expect more than this from life

It was the only time we had done something like that

We had never talked about it afterword’s

She never expressed that she loved me somewhere

It was just that she didn’t want me to know that


Sometimes life gives us turns, which are unexpected

You just have to take that turn as we did


I know I was not worthy for it but

I was just wrong man at the right time!


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