It’s OK

It’s OK when you don’t call

It’s OK when you leave me in dark

It’s OK when you hurt me

But it’s not OK when you say

You don’t love me because you do


I don’t want to run away; But I don’t want to fight anymore either

I don’t want to run away;
But I don’t want to fight anymore either

I am not sick of chasing life;
But I am tired of running behind it

I did what I had to do;
Now I am unable to do what I should do

I never doubted on my potential;
But I surely started doubting my destiny

It says, when there is a will, there is a way;
But I would say, when you hit the ground you, forget which way you were going

I always believe, pleasure is in the journey of life;
Just don’t fall, if you fall it is going take all your happiness in seconds

I thought memories are the best assets;
But I was wrong, your best assets are lying in tomorrow

Make sure you enjoy today;
but keep your next day sheltered

I don’t want to run away;
But I don’t want to fight anymore either

I hate it when you are away

I hate it when you are away
I ignore you when you are close

Thinking about you while you are next to me
Holding your hand but not you
I have a beautiful image of you
That’s why I don’t want to let it go

Why everything has to change
Why can’t it stay forever the same
I don’t love you; I love us
B’coz Life is empty without your aura

I love you more in my imagination
Deeper than the sea,
powerful than the black hole
I desire you like water in the desert
You are like wind in the storm

I hate it when you are away
I ignore you when you are close

“She told me I would starve for love
Her words were like invisible arrows
cutting my soul like butter on knife 
She didn’t knew but she was starving 
just before I came into her life

she told me she will love me forever
I knew she was lying to her self 
she didn’t want to love me because 
it had nothing left; just pain and regrets

she told me I never loved her
I knew she was lying so that she can take the blame
Yet, she was right I never loved her
but I am going to love her from this day till last

she told me she wished if we had never met
as she didn’t want to fall in unconditional love
She praised me to destroy her
yet I had worship for her beautiful life

what is that which separates two souls 
From loving to taking care of each other

It was love that kept us together
and it was self-love that got us apart”

Walking on the market of Bombay

“While walking on the market of Bombay

Went to one shop of perfumes

While checking many of perfumes

At one point I feel something in that the last one that he show me

“It was beautiful evening and red sun trying to hold the time

I was sitting besides her holding her soft small hand

Her long nails were beautifully painted with red color

While other hand was playing with her long silky hair

She whispered something in my head

That how much she is in deeply love with me

I was speechless so I said my feelings with my eyes and she knew I also feel the same

My heart was started beating fast

I have lost my focus from world

We were into each other so much that I feel time was standing surreptitiousness

I have started looking on lips now

I came close to her a bit

And she knew it’s time!

She also came bit closer

I can still feel that touch of her lips in my dreams”

I didn’t let shoppers to open anything

I gently said

I have also got enough I think I am done here

Thank you for your time sir”